7 Self Care Ideas for Self -Care Awareness Month 

With summer doing its swan song, and September now in full swing, most of us are trickling back in from vacations, far away from the daily grind. While some of us may have used the time to unwind, the lack of a disciplined schedule typically results in making poor food or lifestyle choices, which can easily put us back at square one. 

While we might be getting back to a more routine schedule, it shouldn't mean we get back to the practice of not taking care of ourselves. With a little bit of commitment, you can strike a healthy balance of pampering yourself while still meeting your deadlines. With September being self-care month, here are 7 ways to practice self-care, not just for September but all year round: 

  1. Exercise outdoors: Go for a walk, ride your bike or just take an outdoor exercise class. This keeps your body healthy, clears your mind and gets you fit.
  1. Start a Gratitude Journal: Set time aside in a quiet area, free of distractions, every morning. This puts your thoughts in a positive frame of mind while being humble and thinking about the things you do have, instead of what you don't. You might be surprised with the things you come up with.
  1. Coffee date with a friend: We all yearn for connection, especially during the pandemic. While Facetime calls and texts are great, there's nothing like being able to see friends in-person and enjoying their company to share the simple things in each other's lives. 
  1. Take a bubble bath: This is soothing and relaxing while putting your body at ease. It will help you sleep better too. 
  1. Prepare healthy meals: Healthy food helps your body, as it decreases blood pressure, improve thinking, energy and helps you lose weight. The enjoyment is not always in the eating, but in the art of creating delicious, nutritious meals. Give yourself the time to commit to it - prepare meals on the weekend, make sure you have enough for the week. 
  1. Mindfulness meditation: Puts your mind in a good place. Similar to the gratitude journal, having the right environment is key. 
  1. Get an extra hour of sleep: Sleep helps you recharge and makes you think clearly. Set the right mood before bedtime. Turn the lights down low. Shut off electronic devices. Prepare your body for sleep physically and mentally. There is a direct correlation between getting enough sleep and a longer, healthier life span. 

Doing these things can help put you in a better frame of mind physically and mentally, and give you the discipline and confidence you need, especially as we begin to head into the holiday season of overindulging. Stop making excuses and begin living your best life this month! 

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