Best Post-Workout Meals for Women by: YUMMY & TRENDY®  HEALTH & WELLNESS

You've just had an incredibly intense, heart-pounding, calorie-busting workout. While you're ready to reward yourself for beating that personal best, you may want to take a moment to think about your post-workout meal. Believe it or not, what you consume after a workout has a significant impact on you, not only physically but emotionally as well. 

Some would be inclined to celebrate with a big meal or maybe even a drink or two. Others find the thought of eating after a workout unappealing or even counter-productive. Both schools of thought can actually have adverse effects on your body and prevent you from sculpting a lean and toned figure. 

When you exercise, your body uses the fuel that has been stored in your muscles, known as glycogen. After working out your glycogen levels are running on empty. You'll need to refuel if you want to have energy for your next workout. 

What's glycogen you ask? It's a combination of glucose and carbohydrates. When energy is needed for a workout glycogen is converted into glucose so it can be quickly used by your muscles. That’s why eating carbs after a workout will not only restore, but build up muscle, while helping you to avoid post-workout fatigue. 

So yes, you could indulge yourself by having a slice or two of pizza or a bowl of pasta but you could up your game with five healthy and delicious alternatives: 

 - Fruit and cottage cheese

 - Eggs and toast

 - Nut butter and banana smoothie

 - Dried fruit and nuts

 - Chicken breast with yams

So, how long should you wait before indulging in that post-workout meal? Most fitness experts agree that eating within an hour is ideal for building muscle and restoring glycogen levels. Waiting two hours or longer will reduce your ability to do both of these by almost 50%. 

To give yourself the best chance of staying disciplined choose your post-workout meal in advance and have it ready to go. Impulsiveness can lead to poor food choices so don't allow yourself to be tempted. Eating the right foods at the right time is key for getting and keeping the body you want. 


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