By Brooke Bezet
Photos by Olive Grey

Featured on the cover of City Lifestyle magazine health and wellness issue, Yummy & Trendy® emerges as a trailblazing active lifestyle brand tailored exclusively for women seeking to "Wear it. Feel it. Love it.®" With a mission centered on crafting top-tier athleisure from high-performance, domestically sourced fabrics, their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes exemplify a commitment to quality. 

Blurring the lines between fitness and fashion, each piece harmoniously blends comfort and versatility, seamlessly adapting from the studio to the bustling streets of our community. From the accomplished businesswoman to the devoted soccer mom and the everyday mother, Yummy & Trendy caters to a wide array of ages and lifestyles. There are many ways to style ath-leisure when not exercising by layering pieces like a sweatshirt, leather or jean jacket. 

Behind the name "Yummy & Trendy" lies a dual purpose: "Yummy" embodies the essence of impeccable fit, feel, and love, while "Trendy" signifies the dedication to producing enduring, high-caliber products built to last. The founder and owner, describes the feel as “buttery”. The founder and designer aspires to instill a profound sense of empowerment in women, fostering their inner strength and self-confidence through these thoughtfully crafted pieces. A standout favorite, the Empower Leggings, is a coveted item in the founder's closet. Boasting an ultra-high-rise 5-inch waistband that provides both support and compression, it exemplifies the brand's dedication to combining fashion with function. It also has a matching top, making for a cohesive set, that comes in five colorways: black, red wine, teal, bone, and true blue. The fabrics are made with Bluesign® fabric certified with all the technical components to include UPF 50+ making it the perfect sunshine solution for the Florida sun. Inclusivity is part of the brand, with sizing options spanning from XS to 3X, ensuring a diverse range of women that can indulge in their offerings. 

Each product takes approximately 2 to 3 months from concept through production, a testament to the brand's unwavering dedication to excellence. Founded in 2017 and based in Lakewood Ranch, Yummy & Trendy exemplifies not only a commitment to fashion but also a heartwarming dedication to our local community. Their local and national contributions are a testament to their philanthropic spirit. To learn more and shop, visit www.yummyandtrendy.com


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