The History Behind Animal Prints

Have you ever wondered why or how animal print continues to be popular throughout each decade?

Before animal print was a fashion statement it was a sign of power. Kings and Queens used animal print as a way to present social status. 

Since the 1920’s, animal print has been influenced by the historical events of each decade.

Here’s how animal print has evolved throughout each decade:


Glamorous movie stars, like Joan Crawford, brought animal print into style.  


Designers and manufacturers were inspired by the movie, Tarzan the ApemanThe main characters wore animal print clothing and it was seen as adventurous, exciting, and attractive. Designers began creating animal print blouses, scarves, and coats.


The model Bettie Page, created an uproar in the fashion world when she dressed in a leopard mini dress. Wearing leopard print gave women a sense of power during this era known for the early stages of the women’s movement. 


Animal print started to become more chic rather than risqué Christian Dior released a new line inspired by primarily leopard print. Leopard print started to become a statement piece for every woman and the, “signature of a very well-off woman”.


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During the hippie movement, animal print took on a more exotic look. During the late 1960’s, animal print was condemned for animal cruelty reasons. This caused animal print to temporarily lose its luxurious value.


Animal print soon had a comeback when it was worn by female rock stars. Suddenly, jumpsuits, undergarments, shoes, and bell bottoms were all inspired by the animal print style.


Animal print continued to be a statement for rock stars. During this time, there was more animal print than there had ever been. Instead of just leopard and cheetah print, zebra and snakeskin started to become popular.


Over the last 40 years, animal print has remained popular. Animal print today is well-rounded and inspired by all of the previous decades.

Tips On How To Wear Animal Print Today:

     1. Keep Animal Print Sleek.

Don’t shy away from wearing this bold look, just keep it sleek. In nature, animal fur is used as a disguise rather than to stand out. Use this as a guide in fashion. Animal print already stands out, so it doesn’t need to be overly attention grabbing. This will create a tasteful look that can be pulled off by anyone.

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     2. Less is More.

One piece of animal print is all you need to make a bold statement. Whether it’s a bag, a pair of shoes, or a piece of clothing- it’s all you need to make an impact!


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     3. Choose Sleek Fitting Pieces

Sometimes when you combine prints with certain fabrics, it can look too busy. Try to stick to more form- fitting material. Our Luxe Leopard Legging, is the perfect piece to accomplish this sleek look!


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