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Are you looking to start your health and fitness journey but don't know where to begin? Sometimes it can be intimidating, especially if you've never stepped inside a gym before. Amanda Kelderman (aka @amanda_moves_), a local Sarasota fitness trainer, experienced this prevalent scenario when she first started her fitness journey.

She always found the gym to be very unapproachable. However, it inspired her to become a trainer and help others so it could be less intimidating. Below are Amanda's top 7 tips for conquering gym intimidation so you can be equipped and confident to begin your health and fitness journey. 

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1. Research First

My top tip when starting is to do your research first. Before investing in a gym membership, make sure you take the time to find a gym where you will feel the most comfortable. Some more affordable gyms attract a younger crowd and are often busier. Others have a higher cost but tend to be less crowded and have a bit more to offer included in the membership. There are other options such as memberships with gyms that only offer coaching through workouts vs on your own.

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2. Find out When the Gym is the Busiest

If you tend to feel uncomfortable in the gym crowd or when it is super busy another important factor is figuring out what time will work best for you in your schedule. Make sure the gym is open the hour you would like to go. Also, if a free trial is available, I recommend stopping by to see how busy it gets during that hour.

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3. Invest in a Personal Trainer

It can be overwhelming to know which equipment to use and establish an effective workout plan when starting. I highly recommend investing in a personal trainer when beginning to have them help you build a solid foundation and to understand proper usage, form, etc. 

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4. Try Group Fitness Classes

If you aren't ready to make the total investment in a personal trainer, I recommend trying a group fitness class. The class will introduce you and allow you to be comfortable with the equipment at a lower cost.

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5. Focus on Yourself

Remember that everyone is there to focus on themselves. When you go to the gym for the first time, you might feel self-conscious if you are unsure what you are doing. However, it relieves the pressure to remember that most people are there to improve something about themselves.

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6. Consistency and Discipline is the Key to Success

I like to tell my clients that part-time work equals part-time results. Be sure constantly to challenge yourself. When starting, people tend to want to go all-in, but it is not sustainable. I recommend making a few small changes so, over time, you'll notice significant changes. Even just 30 minutes a day of exercise or walking three miles will make a big difference with consistency long-term. One bad day isn't going to undo all of your work.

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7. You Can't Work Out a Bad Diet

Working out alone may not allow you to have the results you would like to see. One of my best tips is to think of 'one ingredient' when selecting items at the grocery store. The more you eat whole foods with fewer ingredients, you'll consume less processed food and sugar. Eat the cupcake! (Not plural, it's still about moderation.)

If these tips helped you, leave a comment below or let us know on social media by tagging @yummyandtrendy. Follow @amanda_moves_ on Instagram for more health and fitness tips.

Check out Amanda's YouTube video below featuring our Fearless Tiger Crop Top and Luxe Leopard Legging by clicking here.  

Photos by: Cassidy Miller

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